Steampunk:HBI – Alliance Member Profile: Scott Cassell

Capt. Scott Cassell is a good friend to many of the members of Aeronaut Productions, and has graciously offered to help us with the exhibit!

Why is an oceanographer like Scott interested in helping Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination? Well, as many a Steampunk will tell you, an iconic image of the genre is Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,  battling the giant squid. Capt. Cassell, like Verne (whose nautical novel inspired his pursuits in diving when he was a young man) has a keen interest in these “monsters of the deep”…so much so that he has become the first human to photograph to successfully film the Giant Squid in its natural environment! His love and concern for the world’s oceans has led to the founding of The Undersea Voyager Project, and numerous missions with the intent on raising awareness of the Earth’s seas.  If Verne were alive today, he would probably base his mysterious Captain Nemo off of Scott Cassell.

Here’s a little bit about our friend, Scott:

From Undersea Voyager Project (of which Scott is the president and founder)

Scott Cassell is a commercial diver, and explorer-film maker with over 12,000 hours of dive time. Diving since 1977, Scott is an accomplished cave diver who has spent hundreds of hours deep in the caves of the Yucatan Scott’s film and documentary credits include undersea cameraman for nearly 20 documentaries and host/presenter for several documentaries on several networks including Disney, MTV Wildboyz, the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, BBC and the History Channel.

He is a 20+ year veteran of Closed Circuit Rebreather technology and is a USCG Qualified Submersible Pilot/Captain with over 800 dives on the SeaMagine SeaMobile and 400 dives of other hulls. Scott holds the world record for longest distance traveled by a diver (52 miles in 9.5 hours non-stop). He used a diver tow-glider he invented to cover more range for open sea underwater filming. The world record was his way of “testing it” and used the event to raise money for a children’s charity.

Scott taught for years at the College Of Oceaneering and is a former Advanced Diving Medical Technician Instructor (1 of 10 in the USA), Commercial Diving Instructor, Hyperbaric Medical Technician Instructor, and a PADI Instructor. He is one of the few civilians to earn the U.S. Navy Diving Supervisor and Dive Medical Technologist ratings. He worked in Maritime Counter Terrorism Operations where his secret operations involved ‘High Risk’ world regions.

More recently Scott developed a method to attach a camera to a Humboldt squid, which is prey for Giant Squid, and in November of 2006 led an expedition team that made history by being the first to successfully film the Giant Squid in its natural environment. The footage captured showed an estimated 40 foot long Architeuthis dux in predatory behavior.

Scott is currently planning his latest mission…a 30 mile dive! Scheduled for September of 2011, the goal of Scott’s 30 Mile Dive is to to swim unassisted underwater at 20 feet deep for 30 miles non-stop during one continuous SCUBA dive using state of the art equipment. The dive is estimated to last 24 hours during which he will perform several scientific experiments (and have some done on him). Learn more about his dive HERE.

The Undersea Voyager Project is also attempting to raise funds for Scott’s 30 Mile Dive – As of this post’s date, they are just $500 shy of their goal. Please take a moment to visit the 30 Mile Dive Kickstarter Project, and show your support!

Scott has graciously offered to help us with interviews and footage of these mighty creatures in a section of our museum. You’ll be seeing more of him as work on our exhibit progresses! We are honored with his participation. Thanks, Scott!

Captain Cassell meet's Captain Nemo's mighty pet!


~ by Peter Overstreet on July 22, 2011.

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  1. Congratulations to Scott on a successful Kickstarter run!

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