“Steampunk HBI”: Movie Magic (Part Two)

It’s time for Part Two of our “making-of” video blog of the upcoming “Announcement Video”. Hosted by Louise Du Cray, you’ll see some more of the marvelous gadgets and crew from the video.

Aeronaut Productions would like to sincerely thank the following people for helping us out with the video shoot.

Art Kieth, Oliver Lowe, David Apocalypse, Jim Gasperini, Heather Bollman, John Bollman, Kath Dudek, Sonya Jew, Thatch Durbin, Lacey Fulton, Laura Ehrlich, Denise Snaer-Gauder, Thomas Badillo, Michaelina Zmijewska, Kory Doyle, Michael Anderson, Kitty Anderson, Fred Jeska, Kat Powell, Robin Holt, Misty Murray, Brent Sharkey, Jim Sharkey, Thad Gann, Douglas Hack, Zoe Jonick, Tony Jonick, Liz Simpson, Gregg Greenwood, Deborah Sciales, Dave Wilson, Erik Braa, Litz Plummer, Jenni Romero, Vernon Putman, Ross Bernheim, Joe Phillips, Judy Pischalnikoff, Nathan Craig, Ilana Murray, Chris Blackwood, Kayla Taylor, Krys Taylor, Nichoel Thorne & Ariel Imrie

Steam Man Crew – Jay Davis, Daniel Silveira

Neverwas Haul Crew – Shannon O’Hare, Kathy O’Hare, Kimric Smythe, Timothy O’Hare, Vicki Burnham-Wilson, Victor John

Film Crew – Ryan Caloca, Alex Ortiz, Lisa Lewis, Joel Browning, Rich Medley, Louise Du Cray, Erin McGauley-Hebard, Cat Taylor, Mike Young, Dana Wallick

Still Photography – Art Yuen, Trudi Wallick

Special Thanks to Mike Knuist & Tasha Bartholemew of Screamworks Productions & to everyone else who helped out!!


~ by Peter Overstreet on July 14, 2011.

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